The New IT: What's in the Book?

Part 1: IT Challenges, Real and Perceived

In which Jill paints a wintry landscape of one CIO’s desperate state and how it inspired her to change the conversation for IT leaders. And for their bosses.

This section of the book discusses why IT gets a bad rap, why that’s sometimes deserved, and how leaders can get clarity around not only the types of teams they want to manage, but who they themselves want to be.

Part 2: Your IT Transformation Toolkit

In which Jill walks her readers through some tried-and-true processes that not only drive change, but make it stick.

This section takes on why change doesn’t need to be a science project but rather how it can leverage a series of lightweight and graphical processes to instill awareness that often small but critical refinements are enough. Sure, people need to understand that change is inevitable. But, Jill argues, they need to see what that change looks like in order to participate in it.

Part 3: Leadership in the New IT

In which Jill rejects trite leadership aphorisms in favor of examples of how change agents have transformed their own roles.

Part 3 of The New IT offers examples of how IT leaders can regain control of not only their organizations but their own careers.

Each of the three sections of The New IT ends with a comprehensive self-assessment. Designed for both IT leaders and business executives, the self assessments culminate in a final summary assessment that offers readers a series of next steps to take to, as Jill says, not only embrace a new kid of IT, but kiss it on the lips!