Writer, classic rock lover, dog rescuer, company founder, software exec, and now independent management consultant--I speak, blog, and pester my friends about these topics. My current focus is getting IT and business organizations to collaborate more effectively and not kill each other. I also talk and write about big data, why analytics is fundamentally strategic, how to pitch business execs on IT projects, and why not to buy a dog from a pet store.

I’ve lived in London, Paris, and Sydney, but call L.A. home. #weatherwimp. I cultivate an organic vegetable garden and friends with issues. I’ve written three books, co-authored a fourth, and contributed to a bunch more. (I have another one in my head waiting to come out, but it’s crowded in there right now.) I prefer Def Leppard to Bon Jovi, mashed potatoes to brown rice, fly fishing to golf, Pinot Noir to Zinfandel, and nice people to assholes. I have a tattoo. I’m not telling you where. I feel guilty that I go hot and cold on social media, that I don’t spend enough face time with my friends, that my French is rusty, and that I ate that whole bag of Kirkland peanut butter cups in less than a week. I have to live with those things.

Understanding the Role of a CIO: Interview with Tracy Austin

“By communicating how IT was going to support business goals, I not only changed people’s minds, I made IT strategic,” says consultant and former CIO, Tracy Austin, in The New IT: How Technology Leaders Are Enabling Business Strategy in the Digital Age (McGraw-Hill).

In this video clip, Tracy and Jill discuss the typical mistakes of IT leaders, how the CIO role is changing, and determining your internal brand.

The Myth of Two-Speed IT

The Myth of Two-Speed IT

IT's Role in Digital: Interview with Ron Guerrier