Happy New Year, nerds and geeks,
A new year starts again this week!
Here’s hoping that we start off right.
Or left. (Don’t mean to start a fight.)

Our stocks are up, so there’s some cheer
To help us toast a brand-new year.
Q1 should bring some big surprises.
Elon Musk’s sun also rises–
But not his shares. Then there’s Tim Cook.
Is Apple’s stock tree over-shook?

We’re now surrounded by AI, and
Machine Learning! (There’s a buy!)
The Gates Foundation’s well-endowed
Now everything is in the cloud!
It’s all too much to ascertain!
(Can you explain “blockchain” again?)
There’s IoT. And cyber crime…

Alexa says it’s dinnertime.

We’ve been betrayed by quite a few.
(Hey, Peter Thiel! That one’s for you!)
To Donald Trump: We’ll wait and watch.
Just turn that tweeting down a notch?
But let’s get anger off our chest and
Celebrate some of the best:
Sheryl Sandberg’s! Mary Barra’s!
Smart female leaders who shun tiaras.
Kara Swisher! We need you, Sister.
Too often you’re the lone resister.

The secret to protect our nation?
It’s two-factor authentication!
What? You still want to move to France?
Take heart in Nasdaq’s swift advance!
Our government might soon be shrinking
Like polar ice caps, so they’re thinking.
Hell, even Trump took public money.

Guess what? We’re just 2 years away
From jumping back into the fray.
For now, let’s just be circumspect
While working not to re-elect
The politicians—red or blue–
Who never seem to follow through.
And—left or right—no one’s immune:
We’ll all be missing Biden soon!

~ Jill Dyché