The Premier Business Leadership Series presented by SAS

Las Vegas, NV  |  October 27-29, 2015  |  Event Website

Panel > SAS Talks: Leading Into the Digital Future

Lately we’re hearing a lot about companies that were “born digital.” Those west coast, formerly dot-com bastions of online prowess. These companies have more developers than business people, more data scientists than legacy systems, and overflowing technology budgets.

These SAS Talks are for the rest of us. Come hear what going digital looks like for mainstream companies who need to run their operations as they innovate, and who must create digital playbooks that encompass – indeed, transcend – existing development pipelines and incumbent technologies.

Each of our experts will share their experience with leadership, information and innovation, culminating in a set of lessons learned on what it takes to become a truly digital enterprise in the real world.

Charlene Li, Founder and CEO, Altimeter Group
Soraya Darabi, Co-Founder,
Riley Crane, Society in Science (Branco Weiss) Senior Postdoctoral Fellow in the Human Dynamics Group at the Media Lab, MIT
Jill Dyche, Vice President of Best Practices, SAS (moderator)