Chief Analytics Officer Summit 2015

Las Vegas, NV  |   October 26-27, 2015  |  Event website

Interview > From Analytics to Data and Back Again: Enabling Business Strategy in the C-Suite

Practitioner interview featuring Mark Clare, Global Head of Data & Information Management and Chief Data Officer, HSBC and Jill Dyché, SAS

Whether it was in the early days of healthcare analytics, stints as a management consultant at Coopers and Deloitte or executive roles in some of the world’s premier financial services institutions, Mark Clare has watched the analytics landscape shift and change. In this lively session, Mark sits down with author and SAS executive Jill Dyché to discuss the evolution of analytics and data management.

As head of a global effort with one of the world’s largest financial services conglomerates, Mark is a staple in executive and board room discussions about how analytics help HSBC slash costs, drive profitability, enable strategy, and meet an escalating set of regulatory demands. Mark will share the questions his C-level colleagues have been asking him lately, as well as sharing his thoughts on why the Chief Analytics Officer role is newly-relevant in today’s data-everywhere business culture.