Disney Data & Analytics Conference

Orlando, FL  |   September 17-18, 2015  |  Event website

Keynote > Innovating with Analytics

Most executives understand that their companies must become digital business. While “digital native” companies can adopt digital technologies seamlessly, mainstream companies need to  run their operations as they innovate.—a more difficult proposition.

Noted author, speaker, and SAS Best Practices Vice President Jill Dyché will explore the collision between leadership, information, and new digital strategies. Jill—the author of four books on the business value of technology—discusses case studies from her latest book, The New IT: How Technology Leaders Enable Business Strategy in the Digital Age (McGraw Hill, 2015).

She outlines the role analytics and data play in the digital enterprise, revealing how digital strategies can encompass existing development pipelines and incumbent technologies while spurring innovation. Use this dynamic and fun session as a playbook, and a set of lessons-learned on what it takes to become a truly innovation-driven enterprise in the new digital age.

As a bonus, attendees can stop by the SAS booth and receive a signed copy of The New IT.