The Rise of the Data Executive & the New IT Book Launch

Toronto, CAN  |  April 15, 2015  |  Event website

Keynote > The New IT and YOUR IT: What’s Your Archetype?

Jill’s been thinking a lot lately about organizational models. Models for data organizations. Models for analytics competency centers—and what she calls “beyond the analytics competency center.” And models—including those in her new book—for IT organizations. In some cases, IT needs to start at the very beginning, focusing on keeping the lights on. But in most cases, IT is evolving beyond operations and into making analytics and data core components of its roadmap.

This session will start you thinking about your own IT organization: what model fits today, and what model is best for your future. And where your BI, analytics, and data management programs fit into the ever-evolving cycle of business-enabling technology!