Lily (#A4802624) at Carson broke my heart yesterday. We got in her into the play yard right after her bath, and she thought she was going home! You can hear from the video that she was trying to convince us to get her outta the shelter!

Lily is around 10 years old. She’s listed as a Shepherd/Sharpei mix, but we think she’s Sharpei/Cattle Dog. She came to the shelter as a stray, but no one came looking for her. She has clearly been someone’s dog, as she seems to be housebroken.

Despite being a senior girl (I don’t want to contradict the shelter’s guess, but I’d put her at more like 8), Lily is a happy and active girl who could still go on long walks. She is good with other dogs. She has been at the shelter for over a month, and for dogs who have previously been in a home, this can mean depression.

Let’s help find Lily a loving family before that happens.

Quick Facts

Breed: German Shepherd/Sharpei mix
Age: 10-year-old adult female
Size: Medium, 50 pounds
Personality: energetic, playful, friendly
Shelter: Carson/Gardena Animal Care Center
Came to shelter: February 22, 2015 as a stray

My theory is that homeless and abandoned dogs are a lot like the “broken window syndrome” in low-income communities, and that initially small problems result in wide ripple effects. Stop them from getting worse, and an entire neighborhood, a city, a region, maybe even the world can be changed.

Jill Dyché
Why I Rescue Dogs