Ronan will shock you. At first you think he’s just another brindle pit bull in an over-crowded L.A. shelter. He’s sullen, unresponsive in his cage, and doesn’t make eye contact. Just waiting, like so many others to be put to sleep.

Then you put a leash on him and get him into the play yard, which is when the magic starts. Ronan comes out of his shell. He runs around and chases the tennis ball, leans against you as you smooth your hand across his lovely coat, and then does a few somersaults for belly rubs.

Ronan got a “B” on his temp test. He’s a good boy. He just needs a forever home with someone who can give him some TLC. He so deserves it.

Quick Facts

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Age: 4-year-old adult male
Size: Medium, 50 pounds
Personality: energetic, playful, friendly
Shelter: Carson/Gardena Animal Care Center
Came to shelter: February 9, 2015 as an owner surrender

To learn more: See ShelterMe profile

My theory is that homeless and abandoned dogs are a lot like the “broken window syndrome” in low-income communities, and that initially small problems result in wide ripple effects. Stop them from getting worse, and an entire neighborhood, a city, a region, maybe even the world can be changed.

Jill Dyché
Why I Rescue Dogs