HITS 2014 – Hollywood’s Digital Makeover

Los Angeles, CA  |  April 22, 2014  |  Event Website

Presentation >  Are You ‘Lost’ or a ‘Survivor’ on Your Big Data Journey? (Either Way, You Need a Roadmap)

A question often asked by companies about big data is “Where do we start?” For newcomers and seasoned experts alike, the reality is that there’s no shortcut to finding your company’s ‘signal’ in today’s big data ‘noise.’ While big data success stories aren’t hard to find, business and IT leaders have found themselves either lost or barely surviving with their big data initiatives. Whether you’re just getting started on your big data journey or you’re off to a rocky start and are looking for some course correction, this session will provide you with a roadmap that will take you from being ‘Lost’ to being a winning ‘Survivor’ in your big data journey.

Co-presented with Tamara Dull, Director of Emerging Technologies, SAS.