TDWI Las Vegas 2014 World Conference

Las Vegas, NV  |  February 23-28, 2014  |  Event Website

KEYNOTE > The New IT: How the Next Wave is Changing BI

The IT organization is changing, and fast. Systems are synonymous with smartphones, small companies are taking on big data, and every end user has a legacy system under his or her desk. As workers become more tech-savvy, the IT organization finds itself increasingly marginalized. How does a CIO lead an organization struggling to survive, let alone support change in the brave new world of business-enabled IT?

Noted consultant and author Jill Dyché discusses what, in her forthcoming book, she calls “The New IT.” She will describe new models for IT business engagement, the role of corporate culture in redefining IT, and analytics in the changing IT landscape.

Jill illustrates other shifting models for IT organizations by considering five levers—cultural alignment, organizational models, corporate strategy, portfolio management, and support structures—that can help CIOs reframe their organizations and establish a twenty-first century vision for IT, and in so doing, create value anew.

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Editor’s note: Jill’s book is now available: The New IT: How Technology Leaders Are Enabling Business Strategy in the Digital Age (McGraw-Hill, 2015).