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The New IT: Enabling Business Strategy in the Digital Age


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Wine, Women, and Data Science

Data Classifications - Jill Dyche

Q&A with Jill Dyché: Shared Data Versus Public Data: Is There a Difference?

Storytelling in the C-Suite

Storytelling in the C-Suite


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Clean Up Your Mess

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The Older I Get, The More Agile I Am

The Older I Get, the More Agile I Am

Happy New Year!

A High Tech Happy New Year!

Carrot Juice

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The New IT: Strategy on a Page

Should CIOs Still Care About Business Strategy?

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Q&A with Jill Dyché: “Our COE Is About to Kick the Bucket!”

5 Surprises Chief Digital Officers Should Prepare For

The Chief Digital Officer’s 5 Surprises

Pooh-Pooh Indeed

Q&A with Jill Dyché: Pooh-Pooh Indeed!

Both Sides of the Big Data Debate

A View from the Bridge: Both Sides of the Big Data Debate


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